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Detailed Portfolio-Baker Artist Portfolio

Detailed Portfolio-Baker Artist Portfolio
Selin is an interdisciplinary artist who projects merging traditional art practice with scientific materials and biological mediums such as mold. She creates a synthetic ‘world’ in which she observes living organisms’ endless interactions, struggles and conflicts across the picture surface. Forming borders, divisions and edges; in her work, mold metaphorically represents human actions and motives.   Balci’s many accolades include the prestigious Mary Sawyers Baker Artist Award in... more 


Just so to say is a series of dialogues between artists who exchange bits and pieces of their current practices over a period of twelve weeks. Each dialogue starts with one work decided upon between the artists who meet only once on-screen, followed by works created in response one after another every two weeks documented on Artnivo, encouraging the sharing of current work-in-development and the exposure of their work processes. Conceived as an analog to direct messaging on social media where images and emojis are sent in response to another, often within a context but without much explanation, each dialogue is a concise line of communication between two artists during a time of remote interactions, (self -) imposed or not. 
Initiated by Teo Jing Yi.
Dialogue 1: Selin Balci X Esin Aykanat Avci & Ilgim Gokturk Basal
3:04. - 26.06.2020
The dialogue starts off with a documentation of the research and experiment process in Esin and Ilgim's project in development together with bang.Prix. The artist-biologist duo are currently exploring visualizations of DNA, using the lab as an art studio and vice versa. In conversation with Selin Balci, an artist based in Annapolis Maryland, USA whose background in microbiology and forestry guides her art practice as she creates landscapes with mold among other organic materials, they exchange routines, work processes and tips with one another.